Nicolet's new dress code bans cleavage and more

July 15, 2009

What started with a look at how to deal with kids who wear sagging pants in school turned into a bigger discussion on the Nicolet’s overall dress code…and by the time it was over, administrators at the North Shore school came up with a bunch of new rules that to require kids to keep most of their bodies covered up.

Under the new policy, students will be prohibited from wearing tube tops, tops with spaghetti straps or any top displaying cleavage, backs and the midriff area. In fact, students will have to be fully clothed from their shoulders to just above the knee cap.

The new rules also prohibit kids from wearing pajamas bottoms or any sleepwear at school, something that has become a disturbing trend for school officials.

"We were having some kids in pajama pants carrying blankets,” noted Principal Greg DePue. ““We want this to be an academic atmosphere."

The tougher dress code also prohibits students from wearing clothing that reveals tights and leggings or that exposes their underwear.

School officials would contact the parents of students who show up to school wearing inappropriate clothing -- and those parents would have to bring a change of clothing.

The School Board will put the finishing touches on the policy this month and it’s expected to be in place in plenty of time for the new school year.



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