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North Shore Fire/Rescue

North Shore Fire/Rescue provides fire, emergency medical and life safety services to the City of Glendale and the Villages of Bayside, Brown Deer, Fox Point, River Hills, Shorewood and Whitefish Bay.

How to Stay Safe When Warm Weather Creates Hazardous Ice Conditions

North Shore Fire/Rescue, ice safety

Winter recreational activities, such as sledding, ice skating, and ice fishing can be very enjoyable and help get rid of cabin fever. Unfortunately many winter activities put us either on, or in close proximity to frozen ponds, lakes, and rivers. Understanding the dynamics of ice can help us avoid a potentially dangerous situation, and may help save the life of a neighbor, friend, or loved one.

Judging the strength of ice from shore simply by appearance is very difficult and is an unreliable way to determine whether it is safe enough to support our weight. The strength of the ice is based on age, thickness, temperature, and whether the ice is covered with snow. Other contributing factors include the depth of water under the ice, size of the body of water, water chemistry and currents, the distribution of the load on the ice, and local climatic conditions.

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