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Am I dreaming? Cable TV without Fox? New Year's Round-Up! Yeee haaaa!

 So it's been a few days since my last post, and seeing how even a few hours away from my refreshing voice seems to cause catastrophic damage to the community, I felt I should see the new year out with a bang.

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Blowing Things Up Out Of Proportion? Making Mountains out of Molehills?

Sigh, my faith in humanity has been shaken, and I'm just not certain where to go with it. 

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Will the Sheriff round up a posse to go after those felons? And do we really need more guns on the street?

I haven't exactly been taking a sabbatical from Roasted Nuts.  I haven't exactly had writer's block, either. Rather, I've just been so inundated with ideas inside my brilliant mind that I haven't been able to piece them all together.

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Summer Round Up

 I know it's been a bit since I last posted, but it's been quite a busy summer.  I find when you have two kids, summer becomes busy days, not lazy days.  We have had parks, swimming lessons, zoos, and vacations.  I have to constantly fight that selfish and lazy urge inside of sleep late, to mow the lawn tomorrow not today, etc. etc.

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Glendale on Parade


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