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Maverick, Shmaverick!


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Van Hollen's Frivolous Lawsuit Aims to Deliver State to McCain

 It's codespeak:  "voter fraud".  Everyone's concerned about it, but it's not really a real problem.  It's one of those made-up unreal problems.  You know how in a Hollywood western, if a guy is walking through the desert and suddenly steps in quicksand, he's up to his neck in 30 seconds?  Real quicksand doesn't work that way.  In fact, it doesn't really exist.  You know how on television, a lawyer show shows the entire prosecution of a case from investigation to sentence within an hour?  It doesn't really happen that way.

So why are Republicans really concerned with "voter fraud"?  It's not because they're concerned about the rights of Democratic voters.  It's because they want their votes to count more. 

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CSI: Wasilla



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