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Musings For The Day...

Here are a few things that have been on my mind as of late..Let me hear your thoughts.


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Why should judges be elected?

I write this entry after pondering a few recent tidbits.  The first is the formal reprimand of Justice Annette Ziegler by the State of Wisconsin Supreme Court for her -ahem- lapses in judgment.  More pointedly, however, is the recent spate of coverage regarding the Gableman election, including his on-the-job politicking.  That election, so contentious, was even covered in a recent New York Times article, also arguing for the appointment, rather than election, of judges. 

 As for the Gableman affair, I'll recite what we already know.  The state's first and only African American Supreme Court Justice lost his election--the first time in decades that happened, if ever

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