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Mandela Barnes is the one for Assembly 11.

 As elected members of the Glendale-River Hills School Board, we are pleased to throw our support behind Mandela Barnes for the 11th Assembly District. 

Mandela Barnes has pledged to work with legislators from both parties in the legislature to reform the way our schools are funded. Glendale-River Hills schools receive less than 7% of our funding from state aid. We shoulder the burden of funding our schools through the property tax. Voters in our school district have repeatedly supported referenda that allow us to maintain top-notch programs and services, and to maintain our school buildings. Mandela will work to correct the flawed funding formula and to ease our property tax burden.

Mr. Barnes is also vehemently opposed to expanding vouchers to suburban school districts. Vouchers are a “double-whammy” to our public schools. Right now, our public schools are required to offer special ed services, speech and occupational therapy, and bussing services to private school students. Since they are not enrolled in the public schools, our school districts CANNOT count those students in our per pupil budgeting, yet we have to provide them services without additional resources to do so. Vouchers maintain the unfunded public school services requirement for private school students, but ALSO siphon away thousands of additional dollars per pupil to help pay for private school tuition. Expanding the Milwaukee voucher program to the suburbs will decimate our fine school district’s budget.

Mandela Barnes understands the complexity of the school funding and voucher issues and will support the taxpayers in Glendale by advocating for school funding reforms and by opposing vouchers. We ask you to support Mandela Barnes in the Democratic Primary on August 14.

Bryan Kennedy
Andrew Franklin
School Board Members
Glendale-River Hills School District

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