Iowa: Up for Rubio, Down for Trump

Slogan from Iowa for Donald Trump:  The ego has landed.

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Can an Iowa caucus help tell us understand...

If Hillary's latest revealed e-mail gaff will again cost her the nomination?

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You think Donald Trump is an odd Republican leader?

Yes, The Donald is a goof, an egotist, and a dangerous man.  Yes, he is an odd man to be leading the Republican Party.  But the Republicans have had some real beauts when it comes to leadership.  Consider some of these Republican leaders...

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A Great Man

 I've written about my direct and indirect connection to the Martin Luther King family.  This time I want to simply share some quotes from his words.  These are found in a book by his wife, Coretta, titled "The Words of Martin Luther King, Jr."  Men of this calibre don't come along very often in history...

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A fresh look

As we approach the first state with an election process to show its preference for a presidential nomination, some questions veer their ugly head...

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