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Coca-Cola and Chocolate Milk

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The smokers warned us. Even some non-smokers threw their support for the non-acceptance of the smoking ban. They warned us that once they passed a ban regulating where you could smoke that there would be more to come. They posed the question-what's next? French fries? Coca-Cola? Chocolate milk? Yes, we figured these would come. It would not be a question of if but when. And it came soon.

The tax-and-spend liberals are throwing out trial balloons in order to pose an excise tax on sweet and carbonated beverages and even chocolate milk. For many years, these so-called sin taxes were imposed on things like liquor, cigarettes, and gasoline. These were the three evils of society. And now Coca-Cola et al. and chocolate milk are being added to the items subject to the excise tax.

Of course the tax-and-spend liberals are not referring to this as a sin tax. Oh, no. This tax is to benefit the children. What better way to bring goodness and generosity to the young people of the next generation than to tax the items that are leading them down the road to ruin. But government can provide dental care to all the fat kids because the Coca-Cola is ruining the enamel off their teeth. This is one of those feel-good euphemisms to disguise the taxing advocates of their inability to manage public funds responsibly. This distraction will enable them to raise more money in the name of being good so that they can waste more money while blaming fat kids for fiscal year responsibility. What could be more American?

Yes, it's time to put call out to all but chunky kids at the local grade school. As a final assignment, get your crayons out and start making some signs so that you can walk off that developing gut this summer picketing at the local statehouse. Picketing every day will help shed those extra pounds because if you don't have the fatal heart attack by 30, you may be carrying around those extra pounds for the rest of your life. And you'll be paying extra taxes for all the chocolate milk and Coca-Cola that is in your future.

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