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Concealed Weapons: Bear Essentials?

Sigh, that wacky Alaskan governor just doesn't go away.  Now she's written a memo to President Obama in support of President Bush's last-minute administrative rule in favor of allowing concealed weapons in national parks.


Let's consider that briefly, shall we?  President Bush thought it was important to allow concealed weapons inside our nation's parks.  Because people have a right to feel safe in our nation's backyard.  Driving to parks, of course, we cannot conceal our weapons.  Driving home from parks, of course, we need not conceal them.  But while we're in the parks?  Definitely we need to pack heat. 




Governor Palin can best explain.  In her words, she wrote, "As you know, my state contains vast, pristine areas where the ability to carry firearms can address a potentially life-threatening situation, enabling citizens to respond to bear and other wildlife conflicts."  She also indicated that "many urban and rural hunters utilize firearms in the pursuit of wildlife to satisfy their nutritional and cultural needs."  (source:


What does this mean?  Apparently it means that Yogi the Bear really is smarter than the average bear because he and Boo Boo (as well as Bambi and Woodsy Owl) would know enough to get away if they saw the weapon coming.  We need the element of surprise if we're ever going to get the drop on those dang varmints!


For once, I have to agree.  After all, gun laws only disarm law abiding citizens, not gun-toting raccoons. Yogi better think twice the next time he swipes a picnic basket. 


As Smokey the Bear once noted, "Only YOU can prevent forest gunfire."


In recent years, roving bear gangs have infiltrated Yosemite and other parks

In recent years, roving bear gangs, like these members of the Jellystone Mafia,

have infiltrated once-safe national parks like Yosemite, in California, and the

Lincoln Memorial, in Washington, D.C.  A last-minute regulation enacted by the

Bush administration protects us from this wildlife threat.  

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